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These are the Facts that made fundcapacitys standout from the rest


We believe that the ability to live the routine you wish without having to work or rely on anyone else for cash.


We have Flexible packages designed for you to pick from. simply LOGIN or REGISTER to pick a package


For quick and fast issue Resolutuions, we have designed an active email and livechat support to connect with us.


The system merge you Automatically to your uplines while a downline will also be automatically merge to pay you. this system has an Auto re-commitment / Auto recycle feature so you are Safe.


You will be required to make a downtime payment immediately after signing up and the remaining shortly after the confirmation of the initial payment. This is to enable the community detect the serious minded members. Please bear with us.


You can also participate with your e-wallet account.

ABOUT fundcapacity

fundcapacity.com is a global community where individuals can offer financial help and in return get assisted financially 50% higher than what they provided. Welcome to the world of financial liberty. fundcapacity is a community where members help each other grow their money by 50% .

it is save to say that fundcapacity platform belongs to every member of this online community

System Reserved for Recommitment (Percentage)


Referral Bonus (percentage)


Return on Investment (ROI)


Active Customer care and livechat support



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What our members are saying....


I’VE PAID BUT MY PAYEE DID NOT CONFIRM MY PAYMENT DON’T be worried, the system is automated. Once your donor has not confirmed your payment before the Clock-Timer counts you down , the process for getting your pay is simple
  • Click on your Support Link and upload your “Proof of Payment” i.e. scanned copy of your Bank Teller or Mobile Payment Screen Shot, your statement of account reflecting payment of the specified amount and date to your payee.Upload and send to support@fundcapacity.com for the team to investigate
  • Wait patiently and let’s get your money for you.

My Assigned Donor did not pay me at all, what do I do?

Once you have been matched to be paid by a donor and your donor did not pay you, the system will automatically rematch you with another donor within 24 hours.

Is there a recommitment Policy?

YES!, To cub the activities of hit and run Members, recommitment policy has been put in place  

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fundcapacity is surely one of the best paying platform. we are rebuilding broken trusts